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#shestheroaster lecture

  • Skamania Lodge 1131 Southwest Skamania Lodge Way Stevenson, WA, 98648 United States (map)
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LEADING WITH INTEGRITY: How to Check Your Bias and Make Better Decisions.


This lecture will take place at the Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat and will be open to all registered attendees.

In this session, we will explore how implicit bias impacts everyone, both inside and outside of the coffee industry. Every human brain is affected by subconscious attitudes that inform the way we choose and interact with suppliers, customers and employees. When left unchecked, these can rob your business of opportunities for improved employee retention, increased profitability and social impact. They can also open your organization to more risk. In order to take control of these biases, we need to learn to how to identify the triggers. Participants will join in exercises to explore the existence of these biases and how they manifest themselves. We will also discuss how leaders can create a system of awareness while completing their duties; such as crafting job descriptions, reviewing employee applications and conducting employee reviews.